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high sunday

Thank you to our gal ZZ Ward for sharing this today on the FB unit.  I am much too happy to pass this along.





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everybody wants to be zz ward

…or famous.  All you need to hear is the first beat and you have gold  in your ears.  This girl is good.

More props to her for promoting Record Store day the way it should.  This weekend, on 4/20, also another holiday that some other people observe (EARTH DAY, duh…) ZZ Ward is offering a vinyl that includes this track, “Everybody Wants to be Famous.”  This song was intended to be on her latest album, Til the Casket Drops, but didn’t make the cut, until now.  Head to your local record store, (Jersey people head on down to Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis people, check out your Vintage Vinyl) and get your hands on some gold.


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move like you mean it

Giving total credit to a for showing us all ZZ Ward.  The fact that her live sessions are better than most people’s recordings give her so many cool points…like she needed any extra.  I mean, come on.

This song has been on repeat so much for the past few days, I am happy that it is stuck in my head.  Hope it stays there for a while.


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