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high sunday

Happy Woodstock Anniversary!


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To the man who opened the most historic musical gathering of the 20th century, may you relive Woodstock memories with your buddies Jimi, Ravi, and Janis in heaven, Richie Havens.


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So.  I have a confession to make.  I never was a big DMB fan.  It all started back in elementary school–a boy I knew was obsessed with DMB.  I mean o b s e s s e d.  It was almost like a Lord of the Rings obsession.  Fast forward 6 years and I go to school in New England, a place that treasures its summerfests: Dave and country included.  I didn’t even bother to listen to more than what came on the radio because I thought I has missed the DMB bandwagon.
Well, I sure was wrong.  After going to a sold out DMB show at Bethel Woods in NY, I realized that I should have jacked a DMB mix tape from that boy in the 6th grade. (note: Bethel Woods is the site of Woodstock and a phenomenal venue in its own right today.  Highly recommended)  I didn’t see nearly as many colored shorts and Vera Bradley purses as I had thought–the crowd fit the venue, if you catch my drift.
Dave was awesome, really awesome.  When he played “Jimi Thing” the place went nuts.  And that energy carried on for what seemed to be close to a 3 hour set!  I, for one, had no idea Dave was such a jam band.  Don’t make the same mistake I did!  Go see DMB next summer!


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