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olympic opening ceremony

Not gonna lie, I’ve kind of always had a thing for this song.  It’s so bad, it’s good.  It was so racy at the time (and maybe still is) that MTV and VH1 had it on repeat back in the day and now it’s hard for me to un-picture it from my mind.

Word on the street is that Russia plans to have their native duo t.A.T.u. perform during Sochi’s opening ceremonies.  “All The Things She Said” obviously explores homosexuality.  Amid the ongoing anti-LGBT laws does this not seem A LOT hypocritical to potentially feature this performance.  I don’t care what side you sit on, it does.



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For J…

Don’t feint…BUT apparently Shaun White is a man of many talents (which I’m sure you already knew). He  has a band called “Bad Things” which stemmed from winning a guitar at the X-games–he has been practicing ever since. He says he has a thing for “perfecting his practice.”  On October 8th they are releasing their self-titled debut album. Anyone who attended Lallapalooza this past weekend got a sneak peak of Shaun and his bandmates. To all of you Winter Olympic fans, don’t fret,  Shaun White is postponing any touring until after the Winter Olympics. Here is a peek at their new song “Anybody.” Enjoy. c. 

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