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Miley Takes On Coldplay

YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  I saw this on her Instagram when she videos herself killing it around 3:20.  Alright, listen.  I know she gets a lot of heat…and she brings it on herself.  All I’m gonna say is at least the girl can back it with some unreal pipes.  I love her.  I SAID IT.  a

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Shakira Runs The World

Shakira burns a Colombian Councilman here when he slams her video with Rihanna.


Stupid Colombian Councilman-0

Talk to me when you’re as badass as Shakira.  a

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I Woke Up Like This

QUEEN B #FTW.  I hope you guys downloaded her surprise because it is phenomenal.  Just when you think the Queen can’t get any better, she drops a damn surprise album with all these fantastic videos.  All are special and unique in their own respect, but I am obsessed with this song and this video.  a


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When the beat drops in this song >>>>> anything else ever.

I personally like his verses.  They’re silly.  And when the beat drops… I #CANNOT.  a


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