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Sweet Country Summertime

As the summer approaches and I become more antsy to finish my first year of law school, I will start to post country songs more frequently (sorry j). Because I want to think about the beach, suntans, and cocktails (as cliche as this sounds).

First, I am going to start with “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan. I have had this song downloaded since the release of Luke Bryan’s “new” CD “Tailgates and Tanlines.” I can honestly say I liked every song on his CD, which is not normal for a country album (unless you are talking about T-Swift of course). My sisters have a wild obsession with Luke Bryan so I felt it only appropriate to reference them in this post. Here is “Drunk on Love,” get prepared for a tailgate and tanlines kind of summer people.

Next up, Carrie Underwood. She released this song “Good Girl” about a month ago and I just got around to checking it out (not okay). It is a good song, I feel like she rarely has a bad one. Don’t doubt for a second that I won’t be blasting this one on the way to school tomorrow (who doesn’t like a good girl/bad boy song every once and a while).

And the last one (for now) some good ‘ole Honky Tonk. Constantly on my “Recently Played” playlist on iTunes. Sorry I’m not sorry. c.

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