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New Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells made a new album due out October 8th, released the single and announced a tour.  Good god, what a beautiful Tuesday morning this is.  Listen to the single and check out the record here.

You know how much I love them, but I won’t lie…this single is not their best.  A little more mainstream (considering their style) and why is she dancing with backup dancers?  This isn’t to say I’m giving up on the album, because I’m not and I will be seeing them live. 

I suggest you all take a look at the tour because it’ll be the best concert of your life.  a


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She & Him

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (She & Him) immerse themselves in a class sunny pop sound in their new album “Volume 3,” which comes out on May 7th. They then hit the road on June 13 for a tour that takes them across the U.S., find out if they are coming to a city near you here. Zooey is a busy girl–producing and starring in “New Girl” while recording and planning to go on tour? This chick can do it all. Check out the new jam “I Could’ve Been Your Girl?” by She & Him. c. 

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collie collie collie

buddz baby. I was going to title this post “sex” but figured the song will speak for itself. My bermuda lover has done it again. “Payback’s a B**ch” is currently #19 on iTunes and rising. Perfect timing for Buddz and his wingmen that make up New Kingston who are currently on their “Light it Up Tour” I will ABSOLUTELY be front row when these guys hit the stage in St. Louis on May 1st, which shouldn’t be a surprise for those who know that I once drove 4 hours to attend New Kingston’s album release party–story for another time. Enjoy this summer tune. c. 

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