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Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s true.

That’s also why I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this show.  I saw Timeflies at Terminal 5 earlier this year.  I went with some of my closest guy friends…genius on their behalf because the crowd was 98% 18-ish year old girls.  Many would refer to these girls as biddies.  Anyway, I had a little too much fun and don’t remember a whole lot of the concert. I felt like I was at a college party.  I think they sounded good.  They must have because there were a million and two screaming girls and one of them may or may not have been one of those closet guy friends.

Because of this, these guys have kind of fallen off my radar, but I have to give them credit for  ‘making it.’  They are playing sold out shows, arenas, award shows, etc., and they still seem like the same guys from the first Timeflies Tuesday video.  They must be having a lot of fun.


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This isn’t one of their best, but this tribute to MCA by Timeflies needs to be shared because there are some clips of our old stomping grounds.  Big shout out to HC and spring weekend shenanigans.

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timeflies wednesdays

So, with as slow as this week as going it might as well be Tuesday. So in honor of leap day and procrastination I am posting “Ass Back Home” by Timeflies Tuesday, I think this is my favorite song of his so far. I like that he kept Neon Hitch on the track. This guy is a favorite of ours (thanks to a) because not only is he a total babe but he can sing. take a listen and show him some love. c. 

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