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Alright, so if you couldn’t tell from the obvious genius of the video I posted here, Alt-J holds a dear place in my heart.  I like the way they think through their music and production.  They are one of those bands that are so good I really really really hope they don’t hit mainstream, primarily because I don’t think a lot of people will truly appreciate their originality.

That leads me to introduce you to a cover of the aforementioned song, “Tessellate.”  This puts a girl between a rock and a hard place because Mumford and Sons can make anything sound like their own and make it sound awesome.  And Alt-J is awesome.  So, although Mumford’s performance is commendable, it’s definitely not Alt-J’s.


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so g

Alt-J made a fantastic video portraying what may have been Coolio’s gangster’s paradise.  Ha!  This video is a take on Raphael’s School of Athens.  So classic.  So [gangster] good.


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