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hey pretty girl…

yeah, you. Kip Moore kills it with this new song. I will probably get lambasted for this, but this song sounds like something Bruce would sing, which makes me love it even more. The lyrics are absolutely heartwarming. Such a good summer tune…c. 

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view from the back

It was a challenge to get to this show given I am in the middle of finals, but not going never crossed my mind. and I have seen New Kingston and Collie Buddz many a time–always from the front row. We have mastered the view. At this show at the iconic venue in the lou–Blueberry Hill–I switched things up and posted up against the wall (aka I wasn’t going to make rock out with me in the front row). Collie sounds good from all angles let me tell you.

I got to the show a little late because I thought that Cris Cab was going on first before New Kingston and Collie. Admittedly, I was like “I don’t know who he is so I don’t need to see him.” First off, what a terrible attitude on my part! Second, he showed me! New Kingston went on first so when I arrived a little late they were on their last song–SO BUMMED! However, Cris Cab was really great. He has worked with some big name artists on the reggae scene and it seems Collie has taken him under his wing–there is some resemblance! He has released his first mixtape “The Red Road,” and you can download it here for free. On top of promoting his mixtape, which includes a track featuring The Green, he did some pretty awesome covers including “Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. One of his covers “Little Talks” originally by Of Monsters and Men is included on his mixtape–I’ve given you a little sneak peak below. I’d highly recommend downloading his free mixtape–afterall its free and a great addition to your summer playlist.

Collie, Lady Alexis, and New Kingston killed it per usual. Collie came out a little sick (you could tell from his voice) but he held his own and he just flashed his pearly whites and made me melt inside. He really had a great set list. He included some oldies but goodies and some new tunes like “Payback’s a B***h” as well is his classic collab on “Murder She Wrote” with Steven from New Kingston. They were really interactive with the crowd–even brought some people up on stage (that would have been us), which was awesome since it was such an intimate venue. Basically the vibes were great and if you haven’t missed them yet, snatch up tickets to the Light it Up Tour–you WON’T be disappointed.

As promised….c. 

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wait and see

The weather is finally happy and the sun is smiling in the dirty.  It’s that time before the summer when the closest you can get to the beach is daydreaming while you cruise around with the windows down.  This song is essentially summer in a nutshell.  I want to live in it.  I’m crazy, I know.  Don’t judge–come with me.


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hot hot hot

Brandon & Leah–a hot duo from Malibu has released a new EP “Cronies.” Now you might recognize their music if you are Kardashian fans, “Showstopper” of this EP was the theme song for “Kim and Kourtney Take Miami” this season. Moreover, Brandon is Brody Jenner’s brother. However, don’t let this “born into a famous family” kind of thing fool you–this duo has stayed completely true to their music and they haven’t gone “mainstream,” which, I can imagine, is what you’d expect them to do. They haven’t ever been into the whole reality TV show thing–it seems they just want the music to speak for itself (reference “House of Cards” below). Brandon and Leah are married and you can just tell from the flavor and flair of their music what a connection they have. Their inspiration comes from Bob Marley and Ben Harper and their tunes are quintessential summer jams. These Caribbean style beats tie in the ukelele and an upfret acoustic guitar. They say that “everything is groove based” which is totally detectable from their jams. Give this groovy duo a chance–you won’t be disappointed. c. 


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True Story

Blake Shelton has just released his album “Based On a True Story.” I rarely buy full country music albums because sometimes I feel like the songs repeat themselves and frankly that it isn’t worth it. Blake really put together a bad ass album and I had no problem clicking “buy” on iTunes. This is the perfect summertime CD where you don’t even have to skip a track–yes please! His real and relatable lyrics pull you in and tell you a story–one that might seem all to familiar. Even if you are not a fan of country music (cough j) give album a chance–even if it is just for the lyrics. I’ve posted some of my favorites so far off the record. Take a listen and watch Blake on the Voice because he is hysterical (more posts about this season of the voice to come :)). c. 

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Forever So Free

Check out the Dirty Heads’ music video premier for “Cabin By the Sea.” A jam that makes you sway your hips and dream of summer. xoxo. c. 

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come over

Some songs for some reason just evoke emotion–“come over” by Kenny Chesney does that for me. I don’t relate to the lyrics in a profound way but for some reason it makes me melt. Sometimes its the most unexpected tunes. Thanks Kenny. c. 

p.s. the video is kinda sexy

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three (y)ears

Eh, so what if this is three years young.  This will forever remind me of and sweet New England summers.  And it is a sure way to get you through part of your Monday.  You’re welcome.


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Sweet Country Summertime

As the summer approaches and I become more antsy to finish my first year of law school, I will start to post country songs more frequently (sorry j). Because I want to think about the beach, suntans, and cocktails (as cliche as this sounds).

First, I am going to start with “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan. I have had this song downloaded since the release of Luke Bryan’s “new” CD “Tailgates and Tanlines.” I can honestly say I liked every song on his CD, which is not normal for a country album (unless you are talking about T-Swift of course). My sisters have a wild obsession with Luke Bryan so I felt it only appropriate to reference them in this post. Here is “Drunk on Love,” get prepared for a tailgate and tanlines kind of summer people.

Next up, Carrie Underwood. She released this song “Good Girl” about a month ago and I just got around to checking it out (not okay). It is a good song, I feel like she rarely has a bad one. Don’t doubt for a second that I won’t be blasting this one on the way to school tomorrow (who doesn’t like a good girl/bad boy song every once and a while).

And the last one (for now) some good ‘ole Honky Tonk. Constantly on my “Recently Played” playlist on iTunes. Sorry I’m not sorry. c.

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