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my sweet summer

Found another summer jamalam!  The Dirty Heads released “Sound of Change” recently…and you should listen to it.

It sounds like summer and California and beaches and sunshine and boys and girls and beers and salt water and dancing and fire and everything that is happy.

PS NEW JERSEY – You can check out Jared, Duddy and the band with Aer and Pepper tonight at Wellmont and tomorrow at the Pony!  All you other folk, check out their tour dates here.

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hey pretty girl…

yeah, you. Kip Moore kills it with this new song. I will probably get lambasted for this, but this song sounds like something Bruce would sing, which makes me love it even more. The lyrics are absolutely heartwarming. Such a good summer tune…c. 

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wait and see

The weather is finally happy and the sun is smiling in the dirty.  It’s that time before the summer when the closest you can get to the beach is daydreaming while you cruise around with the windows down.  This song is essentially summer in a nutshell.  I want to live in it.  I’m crazy, I know.  Don’t judge–come with me.


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the naked and famous

Lets talk about some epic jams on this lovely Tuesday. As it nears spring/summer all I can think of are drives with the windows down and spontaneous adventures. The best thing to accompany these two summer activities is good music. This New Zealand band “Naked and Famous” is a psych-pop band that you want to have take over your warm weather playlist. Listen up. c. 

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summer sunset

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Wednesday, August 1st was dreary, hot, and humid.  The humidity broke when rain hit the East Coast up until minutes before show time.  And just like that, the skies cleared and there was the most picturesque sunset for the kickoff of Mumford and Son‘s month long U.S. tour.  Having never performed in Jersey, the British group made their first time memorable by playing an outdoor concert at Hoboken’s Pier A Park.  It’s no wonder the show was sold out to 15,000 fans in a matter of a few hours.  Other than the unique talent, the views of the Manhattan skyline were breathtaking–and the sunset was a gift with purchase.

The quartet has a choir before them as they cheerfully played “Winter Winds,” “Little Lion Man,” and “White Blank Page” (during which I would bet Marcus shed a tear…or was that me?) from their first album Sigh No More.   Between praising the vibe of the venue and boasting the site of the Olympic Games, Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane were eager to share several songs off of their new album, Babel. (due September 24th!!!!)  Much to our surprise, Marcus put down his guitar and assumed position at the drums.  The newer songs are more rock than folk as you will notice a heavy focus on the drums and electric guitar.

As the show came to a close, the men thanked Hoboken native, Frank Sinatra with a rendition of “New York, New York,” not to be slighted by a cover of Paul Simon’s “The Boxer.”  It was eerie how they could manipulate the energy of some 15,000 people.  Not moment before we all were stopped dead in our tracks at the opening of “The Boxer” were we all jumping around like drunks at a jamboree.

A surge of energy spread across the sea of people, again, as Mumford and Sons concluded the show with harmonious melodies of “The Cave” beneath fireworks.


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On August 2nd, the boys on the Unity Tour 2012 rolled into town at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Homdel, NJ.  Due to too much pre-show fun, I missed the opening act.  SOJA was the reason I drove down the Parkway because I knew it’d be the only chance to see them this summer.  It still boggles my mind why they not only were the openers, but they also only had a half hour set (that started at 6:30)!  What gives?!
The show seemed to take a turn for the worse after discovering that we had missed the opener.  Slightly Stoopid rose some spirits, as they were the middle act.  They performed some of their classics, but really focused on their new album, Top of the World, as this tour served to promote their new songs.  Unfortunately, us who enjoyed the pleasures of the lawn were subjected to lousy acoustics.  As the average age at the show was probably 19, we  could have appreciated a few notches up on the volume.
To be honest, at that point, I was not really feeling the whole experience, so I stayed for about three of 311‘s songs.  Being that I have seen all three acts several times before, I wasn’t as bummed as I could have been, just a little let down.  Such is life as a benny.


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three (y)ears

Eh, so what if this is three years young.  This will forever remind me of and sweet New England summers.  And it is a sure way to get you through part of your Monday.  You’re welcome.


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rollin stoner

Sometimes I wish I could teleport back to the 60s and drop out.  In that spirit, I’ve been on a Rolling Stones kick for a long while now, so I thought I’d share since it is perfect tuneage for a relaxed summer Saturday afternoon.  Peace and happy weekend!



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