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wait and see

The weather is finally happy and the sun is smiling in the dirty.  It’s that time before the summer when the closest you can get to the beach is daydreaming while you cruise around with the windows down.  This song is essentially summer in a nutshell.  I want to live in it.  I’m crazy, I know.  Don’t judge–come with me.


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country jammin

Contrary to j‘s beliefs a summer is not complete without a country concert. Cold beer, sundresses, hot weather, and a little country jammin makes a summer just that. Zac Brown Band is more than just another country music band. They combine country, reggae, and rock together for a perfect summertime combination. I saw them at the Verizon Ampitheatre here in St. Louis and although the venue isn’t my favorite Zac Brown did not disappoint. They extended the majority of their songs with jam out sessions and guitar solos. Its not often I say this but they were better in concert than they are on recordings. Make it a point to see these guys in concert–they know how to put on an awesome show. c.

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rollin stoner

Sometimes I wish I could teleport back to the 60s and drop out.  In that spirit, I’ve been on a Rolling Stones kick for a long while now, so I thought I’d share since it is perfect tuneage for a relaxed summer Saturday afternoon.  Peace and happy weekend!



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