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when SOJA was younger

In a culture obsessed with what we think is “reality” television, it’s becoming difficult to find the truth in people, particularly those who live in the limelight.  We beg to know the secrets behind how “successful” people have gotten their success, when the majority of these people live in a facade of limelight.  In other words, they haven’t worked for the money they have.  It’s the money that we think is a product of success.

Clearly this is a heavy issue that, coincidentally, is often addressed in the songs written by the Washington D.C. natives of SOJA.  These reggae musicians sing about global issues, question the ways of humanity, and promote better–simpler–happier–ways of living, all to an island-esque rhythm.

c, a, and I can’t say enough positive things about SOJA, especially the night after we see them live.  It’s apparent that they are down to earth guys who have an unbreakable bond that they use to connect further through music.  Together, they are a breath of fresh air.  In their latest video for “When We Were Younger,” off of the Strength to Survive album, we learn that they have reached an ideal success: happiness.  Perhaps they have avoided the limelight and instead, while the light shines down on them on stage, they remain true to their roots: their music and each other.

Take a look at the video–it’s pretty adorable to see the little dreadheads when they were younger.



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strength to survive

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Friday, May 17th SOJA hit NYC’s Webster Hall and filled the room with good music, happy ears, dancing feet, and smiling faces.  I  sound like a smitten 5 year old girl, but for as many of their shows as I have been to, I always leave better, happier, lighter, than I did when I got there.  Is it just me?  There have got to be a few more soldiers out there with me…

Anyway, because I missed Los Rakas open the night, I waltzed into the room to Nahko Bear’s party.  Medicine for the People is a special band in that they sound better than they do recorded or on any YouTube video.  For instance, “Risk It” is a serious burst of energy in the form of a song.  This band need to make their way on to your iPod because they, too, will give you good music, happy ears, dancing feet, and a smiling face.


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SOJA- Not Done Yet

SOJA promised that as soon as they reached 1,000,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page, they would release a new video. Their loyal fans made it happen in a matter of two days, and thus we have a chill video for “Not Done Yet.”

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Another break to share SOJA’s new video “Strength to Survive.” Jacob Hemphill had the following to say about the idea behind the video:  “I had an idea for this earth-versus-man thing. The tree man represents the earth, and he stops us from killing the earth. The video was directed by Joao Gargate, who we met and vibed with at the Sumol Summerfest in Ericeira, Portugal. His clay and photo and ability for creating models out of organics are what drew us to him. His work is amazing.” Without the explanation this video might have seemed like a cartoon but SOJA’s underlying message never wavers and for that, props. enjoy c.

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the tonight show

I missed this last night for reasons why you’ll learn later.  In case you did, too, check out SOJA performing “Gone Today” from their new album, Strength to Survive, on Jay Leno here.  Big ups to these boys for doing their thing and putting reggae on national television! -j

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