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JJ Grey & Mofro anticipation

D’s favorite band is coming to one of our favorite venues in St. Louis, the Pageant, tomorrow night. I hadn’t heard of this band before I heard him gushing about them on multiple occasions. I have finally come to my senses and set up a spotify playlist so I am prepared for tomorrow. Here is a good jam to introduce them…stay tuned for a post about the show on Sunday. c. 


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country jammin

Contrary to j‘s beliefs a summer is not complete without a country concert. Cold beer, sundresses, hot weather, and a little country jammin makes a summer just that. Zac Brown Band is more than just another country music band. They combine country, reggae, and rock together for a perfect summertime combination. I saw them at the Verizon Ampitheatre here in St. Louis and although the venue isn’t my favorite Zac Brown did not disappoint. They extended the majority of their songs with jam out sessions and guitar solos. Its not often I say this but they were better in concert than they are on recordings. Make it a point to see these guys in concert–they know how to put on an awesome show. c.

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she’s no stupid hoe.

Nicki. Roman. Barb. Whatever you decide to call her, you cannot deny that she is one bad betch. “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” was released in the beginning of April and I have been exploring the tracks. There are many differences between “Pink Friday” and her newest drop but as she explained in an interview before the release “i want to make songs people can dance to.” Well mission accomplished Nicki. You can find me jamming out in peaches (my little toyota echo)on the way to school daily. However, I can honestly say I did not skip a track on “Pink Friday” i know every song. word. for. word. This album is a little different–there are some songs that I won’t put on repeat–but she gives us a little bit of everything.

The beginning of the CD is more “hard core rap” with tracks with Cam’ron, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz?, Lil Wayne, Nas, Drake and Young Jeezy. Nobody can argue that is badass, I bet some of these hard rappers were begging to drop a line on her tracks (gansta right).

She transitions into her slower songs and dance beatz with two “love” songs “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown and “Sex in the Lounge” featuring Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino. Not a fan of Chris Brown but I like her track with him–call me a hopeless romantic.

Next come some of my dance favorites–“Starships,” “Pound the Alarm,” “Whip it,” “Automatic,” etc. guaranteed to make you move your feet or your shake your “Ass, Ass, Ass, Ass…”

I posted “Marilyn Monroe” illegally a couple months ago in anticipation for this album and especially this track. This song is vulnerable, reminds me a little of “Dear Old Nicki” from “Pink Friday.” “If you can’t handle my worst, you ain’t gettin my best,” she uses “cliche” quotes that everyone knows Marilyn by but somehow it really works, probably because Nicki relates. This song is really good and really worth a listen, or two, or three. “Young Forever” is also a good track, the beat caught me from the second I heard it–somewhat of a slow jam but with an awesome beat.

OKAY. two more. (i could talk about them all i hope you know–cough–“fire burns”–cough)

“Gun Shot” featuring Beanie Man. I love Beanie Man and he gives a little bit of an island vibe to this track. Such a summertime song.

Last but not least…”Stupid Hoe” Nicki is not one because when its all said and done I think she killed it on this album.

Did i mention she is coming to St. Louis on July 30th? You bet your  pj and j  i will be there.


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