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2:54 Rocks

This sister duo has a new album coming out..and if you listened to their first one, you would be just as excited as I am for it. I played their first single “Scarlet” on repeat for an embarrassingly long time. Check out this single from their upcoming album and I’m sure you’ll be pleased. a


And here is “Scarlet” for good measure.  These girls rock HARD.


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Lea Michele had her first interview with Ellen since Cory’s passing today. She announced that she is releasing her debut solo album in March and she just released her single off the album entitled “Cannonball.” She explained that this song wasn’t originally on the album; however, after Cory’s death, she wanted to add two songs that reminded her of him because she has the biggest fear of forgetting the memories she had with him. She said during the interview that this song “cannonball” describes what Cory would want her to do–to start living again. c. 

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New Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells made a new album due out October 8th, released the single and announced a tour.  Good god, what a beautiful Tuesday morning this is.  Listen to the single and check out the record here.

You know how much I love them, but I won’t lie…this single is not their best.  A little more mainstream (considering their style) and why is she dancing with backup dancers?  This isn’t to say I’m giving up on the album, because I’m not and I will be seeing them live. 

I suggest you all take a look at the tour because it’ll be the best concert of your life.  a


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For J…

Don’t feint…BUT apparently Shaun White is a man of many talents (which I’m sure you already knew). He  has a band called “Bad Things” which stemmed from winning a guitar at the X-games–he has been practicing ever since. He says he has a thing for “perfecting his practice.”  On October 8th they are releasing their self-titled debut album. Anyone who attended Lallapalooza this past weekend got a sneak peak of Shaun and his bandmates. To all of you Winter Olympic fans, don’t fret,  Shaun White is postponing any touring until after the Winter Olympics. Here is a peek at their new song “Anybody.” Enjoy. c. 

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sneak peak

The Civil Wars have a new album coming out on August 6. If this song is any indication of the material on the album, I am super pumped. Here is the first single “The One Who Got Away.” Enjoy and anticipate. c. 

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dreams do come true.

SOJA and Collie Buddz are releasing a single “She Still Loves Me” on April 30th–FOUR DAYS PEOPLE! However, we here at pbandjams are giving you a sneak peak of this amazing collab. There are no words for my excitement–literally, I’m sitting here not knowing what to type–I just want to SHARE! Therefore, that is what I am going to do–my favorites Jacob and Collie–dreams do come true–musical dreams…lost for words. happy friday jammers!!!!!!!!!!!!! c. 


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double dose

If that last post didn’t make you fall in love with these two, you have to check out their video for their first video “Life Happens.” They use this production company called funk factory films and as a result the sound and the video are very organic. c. 

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JM gets away

As we have said before, pbandjams has a special place for the Movement and Jordan Miller–so it only appropriate that you hear about Jordan Miller’s new single ASAP. This summer Jordan Miller (the lead singer, and co-founder of the movement) announced that he was taking somewhat of a hiatus from the Movement right after the release of “One More Night” which was arguably their best stuff yet. The other members of the band took to twitter and Facebook and insisted that Jordan was leaving to pursue a solo career. JM vehemently denied these rumors–said he was leaving for other reasons. In many messages to fans both sides told totally different stories.

However, JM is releasing his solo EP “Public Consumption” on 12/12/12. In anticipation for this album he has released a single entitled “Getaway” and it is really great–he isn’t losing his reggae vibe at all. If this is foreshadowing his EP I think it will be pretty fantastic. Enjoy and support. c. 

Jordan Miller


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