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Rolling Stone’s new issue features Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the “man” responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, on the cover.  The release of this issue last night has sparked outrage across America, particularly on the magazine’s Facebook page.  Many subscriptions have already been cancelled.

A featured article inside the magazine?  Fine.  Expose “revelations” from the bombing?  Fine.  Post the criminal’s face on the cover?  No fucking way.  This is not fine because the intention that I assume was to criminalize (?) “The Bomber” is completely lost in the presentation that glamorizes Tsarnaev.

Rolling Stone, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not rock n’ roll.  Stick to music and we will be just fine.



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born to run

As a “Jersey Girl” I feel obliged to inform all of you that there is a pretty awesome exhibition up at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, showcasing the life of the great American (and Jersey native) songwriter Bruce Springsteen.  His music is more than just a Garden State soundtrack; he has voiced and continues to voice the struggles of America.  

“The American idea is a beautiful idea.  It needs to be preserved, served, protected and sung out.  Sung out.” -BS

Take a trip to Philly and swing by the National Constitution Center by September 3rd.  At the exhibit you’ll see almost everything significant from Bruce’s life: clothes, props, music, instruments.  Known to make random appearances himself, maybe you’ll even run into the guy! 


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on the ceiling

This is terribly overdue.  A few Mondays ago I saw the ‘brothers’ from Akron, Ohio at their sold out show at Madison Square Garden. For as big as that stadium is it never ceases to amaze me how intimate it remains. I felt like I was in something as small as a movie theater with my close friends, you know, just casually watching a Black Keys show. But then when the disco balls appeared during the finale, I realized how many fans were there. The place went nuts under what appeared to be a planetarium ceiling. Oh and did I mention that the two of them absolutely killed it? The new album, El Camino is perhaps their best yet; Gold in the Ceiling, one of the best tracks. It boggles my mind that only two people can make a sound that serious. They basically bleed rock and roll. Who would have thought that two nerds would be so badass?  I guess we all have a little rock and roll in us.



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