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learning to live together

Joe Cocker, the Space Captain, was so good to all of us.  Perhaps a premature passing, but the legacy that he leaves–the legacy that we are all appreciating couldn’t come at a more opportune time because of his message.  He was a kind of revolutionary whose actions and music brought all kinds of people–humans–together.  It seems appropriate in light of recent events for us to use the celebration of his life as a learning tool to feel alright with our lives.

Learn about the kind of impact he had in the music industry via “Twenty Feet From Stardom.”  Just watch “Twenty Feed From Stardom.”  It didn’t win the 2014 Academy Award Best Documentary Feature for nothing.
(Editor’s note: It could be my favorite doc ever.)


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when he goes away

Levon Helm’s music is happy music.  It reminds me of hot summer festival days, country road driving, and cozy Vermont nights.

He has gone away and the sun is still gonna shine through the shadows…


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