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Shakira Runs The World

Shakira burns a Colombian Councilman here when he slams her video with Rihanna.


Stupid Colombian Councilman-0

Talk to me when you’re as badass as Shakira.  a

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leto vs rihanna

There is an excellent chance that already posted this and if she did, there is a reason why it’s featured again.  Listen and you’ll understand.


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If you watched the Grammys on Sunday you saw Rihanna’s performance of “Stay.” I thought it was phenomenal and you really saw her emotion play into the performance. Her video follows suit. c. 


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If you’re a Coldplay fan, please give the “Coldplay Live 2012” album.  I have never seen them live, but I’ve heard unbelievable things and this album definitely gives me an idea of what it would be like.  Rihanna even made an appearance for my favorite song.  a

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reunion worthy

So all three pbandjammers here are going to be reunited in approximately 32 days in the lou (not like i’m counting or anything). In preparation for this reunion of epic proportions I figured it would be appropriate to post some songs that defined our college years. WARNING: Some are more appropriate than others; there are meanings behind each; we probably broke it down and fell down while dancing to them; we may have laughed, cried, snorted, hyperventilated, etc. to any and all of them; good nights–bad nights; most importantly–listening to them now brings me back to some of the best times with two of my best friends.

Now to the real good stuff…enjoy!

p.s. that was only a sampling–there may be more to come in the next 32 days.


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dirty gun

Cris Cab, Mavado and Wyclef Jean team up on this sick track called “Rihanna’s Gun.” Not sure if they are referencing Rihanna’s “Man Down” but regardless I’m feeling this song. Its one of those beats where you are going to either love it or hate it but take a listen…”Rihanna’s Gun” c. 

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