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Queen Bey: The Healer

This is a pretty phenomenal video and story.  Just another example of how Queen Bey is everything.  All the prayers and wishes for this incredible woman, Deborah Cohan for a speedy and healthy recovery.  a



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I Woke Up Like This

QUEEN B #FTW.  I hope you guys downloaded her surprise because it is phenomenal.  Just when you think the Queen can’t get any better, she drops a damn surprise album with all these fantastic videos.  All are special and unique in their own respect, but I am obsessed with this song and this video.  a


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happy beyday

Thank goodness my ride to work this morning took as long as it did because had it not I would have kept driving Parkway South just to listen to the Beyonce birthday soundtrack that was blasting through the airwaves.  Let me tell you how hard it is to pick one damn song to honor this woman.  It’s hard.  Instead of choosing one of her own, I’m choosing a song with a title is rather appropriate for such occasion, “Champagne and Reefer,” by Muddy Waters.

The coincidence is not in the title, but in the name of the album, King Bee.  For some reason, both of the radio stations I listened to today referred to the birthday girl as King Bey.  When did the Queen go King?  When she did the Mrs. Carter tour?  It’s no question that the woman definitely rules, so from one king to the other, happy beyday.


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