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9 to 5 push and shove

Yelllllloooooo No Doubt.  I like you a lot.
Here’s the thing though.  I don’t usually look at the thread of comments at the bottom of the youtube video, but the one I peeped at is 100% accurate.  Someone posted that after the first listen, you’re not so sure about the song.  Second listen, you give the song another chance, and you realize it’s not too shabby.  Third listen, fourth listen, twentieth listen….it’s really good.  Props to Gwen, Busy Signal, and Major Lazer for “Push and Shove.”


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el mac

Ok, this is probably overload now, buuttttt, my excitement for No Doubt’s new album Push and Shove just escalated as I found out that El Mac designed the album artwork.  It might be a tie over who is a bigger fan of his work: me or Gwen Stefani.  Anyway, I’m happy they made a connection because the result is so L.A. and is so awesome.  (As if it would be any different.)


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major down

The slight influence of Major Lazer in the original song is just enough.  Right now, I’m not such a big fan of the remix of No Doubt’s “Settle Down.”  But, eh, listen for yo’self.


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