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glory fades

READ NOW: 32 Ways to Tell You Grew Up In the Golden Age of Pop Punk.

(ps- God bless a for putting up with me as an idiotic freshman roommate who used this as her alarm ringtone.)


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Haaayyy, who remembers this (?):

That was seven years ago.

Now they are doing things like this:


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against yourself

I am so shocked, I have no words to describe what Rolling Stones will cover in their issue that hits newsstands May 11th.  The story will feature Tom Gabel of AgainstMe!, a punk band that was pretty popular among my friends when we were in high school, and tell of his decision to change legally and physically to Laura Jane Grace…

Read a little more here.


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thursday throwback

I’ve been on a throwback kick lately;  playlists featuring the likes of BSB, Spice Girls, Missy Elliot, Good Charlotte, Story of the Year, AFI, Brand New, Thursday, etc.  Hey, you know you listened to these goodies at one point, too.  As I repeat all the treasures I have by The Used (yep, The Used), I can’t help but think that this was the first Black Swan-j

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12dBCgAo-RA&feature=relmfu%5D
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