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He does it all

Pharrell added “coach” to his long and impressive resume today when he announced he will be joining the voice and taking the spot of Mr. Cee Lo Green in Season 7. This is great news for the Voice franchise and for fans of the show. Read more about it here. c. 

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This is (and makes) str8 FYAAAA.  It’s the year of Pharrell and and I are not complaining.  BTW, #APOCALYPSESOON is a must have…get it here now…a will fill us in soon.

rang bom bom bom bom – j

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grammy lids

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Pharrell’s Arby’s-Smokey the Bear-Little Prince-wizard hat that he sported at the Grammy’s this year has created more buzz than the awards he took home that night.  Maybe the cap was an alternative to a suitcase and is where he stored his golden Gramophones.

Although Madonna’s couple of cowgirl get-ups that night didn’t get as lucky as Pharrell’s headpiece, the superstars probably shopped together at a little studio in Venice, CA.  Nick Fouquet is the artist who deserves an award for Pharrell’s and Madonna’s appearance and respective buzz-worthy Grammy news.  Fouquet is one part hat maker and two parts magician.  Check out the video on his website…I’m already under his spell…if you know what I mean.


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I didn’t know we could love you more, Pharrell, but this is pretty damn happy.


If you didn’t click this, you’re missing out on something that’s never been done before.  Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” that’s featured in Despicable 2, is a 24-hour music video playing only via that link.  The music video is essentially a loop of many many different kinds of individuals lip-syncing and dancing to “Happy.”  Repetitive, perhaps, but the first few plays are pretty, well, happy (as is the message).  I’m sure there is something hiding in those 1,440 minutes, like, maybe, Pharrell himself.  



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I have Monday off and am sitting here loving life and finding more music for other hungry ears out there.  What I have come across is something that has changed my day around and hope it will do the same.  This song is the epitome of fun.  I think I’ll dance for the rest of the day.

I am obsessed with this song, these three men, the three hilarious girls in it, the video, the lamb at the end and the #HASHTAGS throughout the video.  I mean are you kidding?  Three sexy men and three sexy women just being weird and dancing and let’s not forget the epic line towards the end of the video: “ROBIN THICKE HAS A BIG D”…like there was ever any question about that.

Per usual #thicke and #pharrell style, the song is super sexy.  #TI is a welcome addition to the sexiness.  Enjoy.  a


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