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if we all light up

I am a sucker for Passenger. His voice gets me every time. In this case; however, his message. He got it so right which is pretty scary for our society but pretty awesome for this song. Watch the video–I think you’ll be compelled to run out of the office at lunch and roll around in the grass naked.  c. 


#tbt no diggity

The remixed version is one of my favorites Chet Faker’s version is one of my favorites, but today I’m throwing it back to the live acoustic version.  Clearly, I’m caught up on Ed at the moment…


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On Fire

Everyone fell in love with Passenger’s song “Let Her Go,” which was evidenced even more in this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl commercial–a beautifully sappy song and puppies–who wouldn’t melt? Passenger has released his new single “Hearts on Fire” and I am digging it. c. 

in case you need a refresher…


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Holes in our Heart

This is my second post about Passenger’s album “All the Little Lights.” This record “Holes” is divine and the music video is honest and real and I love that. He filmed the video in his hometown of Brighton and what I would give to be a part of that scene–just walking with him and listening to his sultry voice fill the streets.

This video reminds me a lot of Duke Special who I learned about in Belfast, Ireland. He traveled around the town with his piano stopping at different areas of his city to play gaining more followers as the word spread around the town. I need to make another trip across the pond ASAP so I can experience these artists in their element interacting one on one with their fans–we don’t see that so much here in the states.

But I digress…..here is the video for “Holes” by Passenger. Enjoy and pretend you are backpacking around Europe with your best friends. xo. c. 


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buckle up.

Passenger–a  British alternative pop/rock/folk band–has won my heart. The lead singer’s voice reminds me a bit of Jacob Hemphill of SOJA but with a sexy British accent. This band is really stripped down in a lot of their videos which shows their raw talent. Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. c. 



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