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It’s time to wake up from Sleepyhead(remember first hearing this one a?).  Passionpit’s new album Gossamer drops July 24th.  We’ve already heard “Take a Walk” but thanks to NPR’s ‘First Listen’ deal, we get to hear all of the brandspankingnew songs.  Check it out here.


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Truth be told, I rarely listen to NPR.  I  have over an hour commute to work everyday and sometimes I feel like it’s sacrilegious to the Office-Space-9to5’ers world by not listening to the radio.  The one time I turned it on (accidentally) I heard something that I wanted to be on my iPod immediately.  It was the sweet sweet folksy-psychedelic voice of Emily Wells.

She was trained as a classical violinist at the age of 4 and has finally decided to make a musical career of her talents.  Emily has many in fact, as she plays almost every instrument you hear on her new album, Mama.  Listen to what I heard on the airwaves here.  Thanks, NPR.

PS-  As I was feverishly trying to find Emily Wells, I stumbled upon Emma Wells.  This Wells, from the UK,  is just as real and influenced by folk, soul, country, and pop.  She has that laid-back, easy listening vibe going on.  Both Wells will totally be featured on my next mix for a Vermont adventure.


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