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my sweet summer

Found another summer jamalam!  The Dirty Heads released “Sound of Change” recently…and you should listen to it.

It sounds like summer and California and beaches and sunshine and boys and girls and beers and salt water and dancing and fire and everything that is happy.

PS NEW JERSEY – You can check out Jared, Duddy and the band with Aer and Pepper tonight at Wellmont and tomorrow at the Pony!  All you other folk, check out their tour dates here.

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I’m on an NJ pride grind right now, please forgive me.  This girl’s family is new to town…actually, right around the corner…and she’s new to the game.  Rookie of the year?  BAMF of the year.

Come over for a bbq, Halsey!

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Young Rising Sons is going to be around your towns soon and I think it is necessary to know that they are from Red Bank, New Jersey.  Another pro on the NJ list.  I’ll do my best to forever provide additions.


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the front bottoms

From my little sitter, deservedly:

These two best friends from nearby Bergen County, NJ have stolen my heart. Brian Sella, the lead singer and guitarist, started writing songs with his best friend, Mat Uychich, drummer and bullhorn, when they were teenagers. They entered their high schools talent show and bought some time at a local recording studio. With 12 songs recorded in a couple days, The Front Bottoms booked gigs at local venues and developed a fan-base.   Fast-forward a handful of years and here I am obsessing over my new find and excitedly sharing it on my sister’s blog. This indie rock duo has simple quirky lyrics that are hard not to love and sing along to. Oh yeah and they’re total babes.


PS- It’s uncanny how much the sound like Why?


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road trippin’

When I road tripped from NJ to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo many moons ago, my best friend’s boyfriend made an epic playlist.  The playlist was long–long enough to get us happily through 15 hours in the car together.  The playlist had rules.  The instant we crossed a state line we had to begin the respective state’s playlist.  Tracks included song titles with the state name, mentions of the state in the song, bands who hailed from the state, etc.  I can’t reveal what we listened to (maybe because I slept through quite a few states and maybe because you already know that we blew the speakers when John Denver came on in WV), but I am confident that our playlist knocks this one below out of the water.

This one is pretty spot on, though, if you’re into the Indie scene.


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peace on earth

This song gives you that warm, fuzzy, uplifting, holiday sprit inside.  This is extra special to me because the girl who opens the song is from my  little hometown in NJ.

Represent and Merry Merry.


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return of the max

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I guess Maxwell’s got it together.  Although the Hoboken, NJ music venue/drinking establishment remains set on closing its doors after its farewell party on July 31, 2013, Maxwell’s was serving up a whole lot of business yesterday night when JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE showed up.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE people.  The man after everyone’s hearts performed just one song, “Take Back the Night“, for an upcoming Target commercial to the lucky 150 people who were first to enter the venue.  Maybe Target can give us a little more and convince Maxwell’s to stay open for more surprise visits from people like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?


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bye bye maxwells


It was a bittersweet day in Hoboken, NJ for Maxwell’s owner Steve Fallon, yesterday.  “An end of an era,” die-hards would say.  Maxwell’s, a music landmark in the Metro area, located on 11th street between Wash and Hudson Streets, is closing its doors after a 35 year run.

The past month was jam-packed of sold out shows such as The Feelies and Titus Andronicus.  Over the years, the hot spot has showcased REM, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joan Jet, and the Smashing Pumpkins.  The final night’s show was done properly, as it was a sort of reunion show for “a.”  “a” was the band that opened Maxwell’s in 1978, whose members have since dispersed and formed the Bongs, and the Individuals.

Said to be the CBGB of New Jersey, it seems as if Maxwell’s succumbed to the same doom. Apparently, as property values (and miserable parking availability) rise, the music scene in Hoboken is less than lackluster, in so much that the venue can’t even support itself on brewskis at their “sold out shows”.  Interestingly enough, the owners took over the spot that used to be a tavern frequented by workers at the Maxwell’s Coffee plant in town.  This is such a shame because Hoboken is #trendier than ever and could really use Maxwell’s to add its appeal.

So to all my Hoboken residents: GET IT TOGETHER.


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from montclair, nj

To all NJ/Metro peeps:  It looks like The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, N.J. is under new ownership.  Sources report that as of Friday afternoon, The Wellmont Theater has left partnership with The Bowery Presents and has, instead, joined Live Nation, as the company lists The Wellmont Theater among its venues on its website.  Hopefully this doesn’t result in their notoriously jacked up service charges.  The following letter was sent to The NY Times:

To the Montclair Community,

When The Bowery Presents was given the opportunity to bring live entertainment back to the historic Wellmont Theater, we could not have been more excited. Working through renovations, sound systems, getting to know our neighbors and the local scene has been a joy over the last four years. We took the responsibility and charge seriously and have worked really hard to bring the best of the best – from Stephen Colbert and Chelsea Handler to Elvis Costello, Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman, to LCD Soundsystem, Wilco, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, to Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Decemberists, Jane’s Addiction, to Tony Bennett and the Moody Blues to The Wellmont Theatre. We were even lucky enough to host local fundraisers for the Montclair Film Festival and REED Academy, always with our Essex County neighbors in mind. It’s how we run our business. It is part of our DNA. From the State Theatre in Portland to Union Transfer in Philadelphia to venues along the East Coast, we understand local communities and their sensibilities. And we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished at The Wellmont Theatre.

All too often big business doesn’t understand the needs of a thriving, growing community like Montclair. We tried to become one of you – we were your neighbor, and we liked to think that we were able to help the restaurants, bars and stores grow and prosper.

We look forward to more opportunities to work in Montclair and North Jersey and bring more up and coming artists, amazing comedians and great concert experiences to an audience that appreciates it. We wish our friends in Montclair nothing but the best.


The Bowery Presents



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