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Mishka released his new album, The Journey, this month, and followed it up with this new video, “Love In the Making.”

Side note: I want to live in this little bungalow by the sea.  Happy weekend lovelies.


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Beyonce was going for the shock and awe when she released her “surprise” visual album overnight. This album is made up of 14 videos and 17 songs–a visual masterpiece. It has been described as an unguarded artistic statement. But why the surprise? She didn’t want the anticipation–when the album as a whole was ready she just wanted to release it. She also said that she wants this album to be listened to as just that, an album, no singles.  It seems that she is truly treating this like a body of art. I just purchased the album and will be listening to it on repeat. Stay tuned for more commentary. c. 

Hey Bey

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pep in your step

Pepper released their self-titled album in August and “F*ck Around/Mess Around” is the first song they debuted.  Like most of their fans, I would appreciate a little more reggae from them, but I’m not gonna lie, this song is so catchy.  Right now, I like it a l0t.


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live for the weeknd

I live for the weeknd.  “Live For” feat. Drake, straight off of the brandie new album Kiss Land, is the reason why.  Buy this one; it’s a goodie.

-xo, j

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Favorite New NIN

I love this album.  Staying true to Reznor’s style when it comes to Nine Inch Nails, there are solid, intense beats accompanied by intense vocals all coming together to make this haunting, but smooth sound.  This is probably one of my favorite tracks from the album.  Did I mention I love Reznor/Nine Inch Nails/this album/Reznor?  a


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New Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells made a new album due out October 8th, released the single and announced a tour.  Good god, what a beautiful Tuesday morning this is.  Listen to the single and check out the record here.

You know how much I love them, but I won’t lie…this single is not their best.  A little more mainstream (considering their style) and why is she dancing with backup dancers?  This isn’t to say I’m giving up on the album, because I’m not and I will be seeing them live. 

I suggest you all take a look at the tour because it’ll be the best concert of your life.  a


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In other news this happened at midnight! Although Reznor streamed the album before today, it was like Christmas morning when I saw this on my phone. a


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“The Civil Wars”

The much anticipated self-titled Civil Wars album is almost here. If you are impatient for the release like we are, I have a solution. You can stream the whole album here. I know I have this album on pre-order, but the sneak peak will do for now. c. 



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If you don’t follow Jacob Hemphill, SOJA front man, on Instagram well you are TOTALLY missing out. He has released some lyrics that he is working on from his new album which is a complete tease for all of us SOJA fans, but honestly anything that Jacob does is alright with me. The new album is supposed to be released early next year, but, I mean who is completely and utterly excited for that?  He recently was interviewed on one of DC’s major radio stations. Take a listen. Who knew that he wanted to be a cartoon artist when he grew up? Or who inspired Jacob? What is his favorite show he has ever played? If you are a SOJA fan you will enjoy listening to this interview. c. 



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