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hey miguel

Miguel: exemplifying how a cover and Radio 1’s Live Lounge should be done.

Miguel released WILDHEART yesterday and although it’s gotten reviews for falling just short of Kaleidoscope Dreams, it’s a fantastic body of work (pun intended).  At first listen, I was particularly and pleasantly surprised by “face the sun feat. Lenny Kravitz” as a more of a simple rock ballad (?) amidst more explicit and gritty tracks.  It may be safe to say that this is one of the best [secksee] albums of 2015.


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stoopid munday

It’s is definitely a way chiller Slightly Stoopid, but I’m already on board with it…channeling Hawaiian vibes.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, due out June 30, 2015.  The band is on the road with the Dirty Heads, The Expendables, and Stick Figure for the Everything Is Awesome tour.  Awesome.


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you skeaky welch

You can’t get past us!

Florence + The Machine confirmed today that we can (finally) look forward to the release of her newest album since 2011, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.”  With that, here is her new single/video, “What Kind of Man.”  Welcome back, F.W., we’ve missed you.

Be advised: serious artistry ahead.


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2:54 Rocks

This sister duo has a new album coming out..and if you listened to their first one, you would be just as excited as I am for it. I played their first single “Scarlet” on repeat for an embarrassingly long time. Check out this single from their upcoming album and I’m sure you’ll be pleased. a


And here is “Scarlet” for good measure.  These girls rock HARD.


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Lana lana lana

…has just released her newest single “West Coast.” The single comes off of her album Ultraviolence to be released later this year. This album is getting a lot of hype and based off this single its well-deserved. We love you, Lana, you’re a babe. c. 

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This is (and makes) str8 FYAAAA.  It’s the year of Pharrell and and I are not complaining.  BTW, #APOCALYPSESOON is a must have…get it here now…a will fill us in soon.

rang bom bom bom bom – j

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