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Shakira Runs The World

Shakira burns a Colombian Councilman here when he slams her video with Rihanna.


Stupid Colombian Councilman-0

Talk to me when you’re as badass as Shakira.  a

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Elastic Heart

I know j already posted about this song here, but it’s so good I need to make sure all of you listened to it when she told you to.  The sheer brilliance behind this song is not fair.  Between the combination of amazing artists and beautiful lyrics, it’s by far my favorite song on this soundtrack.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Sia and her hauntingly beautiful sound, which this song captures so perfectly.  Her unique and powerful vocals along with The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye create this elegant, yet painful song.  Let’s not forget about the epic beat by Diplo…who I’m also mildly obsessed with.

Moral of the story here?  This song is unfairly good.  Like it’s SO good, it’s not fair to anyone else making music these days.  It’s.  Just.  Not.  Fair.  a

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I have been very lucky to have grown up with wonderful musical influences.  Here are some of the throwbacks I love and I think you should listen to while looking at all the #tbt posts. a

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no reservations

Anthony Bourdain is a babe.  a can attest that Derek and Alexis are babes.

I guess he wanted a piece of their Treats because on September 3rd on the Travel Channel, they cook out and rock out at SXSW in Austin.  Check it out!  As Bourdain says, “why the f*ck not?”


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sound advice

The World’s Best Ever has a pretty bomb section of their website dedicated to playlists of artists.  Sure, it’s kind of like Spotify, but Sound Advice showcases artsy artists’ music that they listen to when writing columns, editing, painting, creating.  Check it out, you might find some newbies!


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