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Miley Takes On Coldplay

YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  I saw this on her Instagram when she videos herself killing it around 3:20.  Alright, listen.  I know she gets a lot of heat…and she brings it on herself.  All I’m gonna say is at least the girl can back it with some unreal pipes.  I love her.  I SAID IT.  a

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Top 20 of 2013

Music blog, All Things Go created a list of the top 20 songs from 2013 as chosen by the writers.  Check it out here.  I love it, very well done.  Enjoy. a

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she’s just being miley, questionmark

Miley, listen, girl.  I was all up for your new style and breaking out of your “Disney” phase, but what. the. f. are. you. doing.?  This wouldn’t even qualify as a bad art project.  Get it together.


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Miley Mixes?

Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus–an unlikely combination huh? Our friend at pbandjams c-mitch sent me this jam and she can’t take it off repeat. It took a little getting used to because snoop (dog, tiger, lion?) has never really done it for me, but now I can say I’m jamming. Miley kills it. c. 

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