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I have always been a Linkin Park fan.  Personally, I think the guys are genius.  They are constantly moving and growing with music.  They’re not necessarily changing, they keep the basics: sick beats, sick vocals from Chester Bennington (ranging from soft to screaming) and occasional rapping from Mike Shinoda; and then they play with how to manipulate their sound to make it different and better.  Take what they did with Hybrid Theory.  They made that, went on tour with it and while on tour they manipulated all the songs and made them either better or just different.  Plus they got some studs to come on the album, too (uhh AARON LEWIS?!  JONATHON DAVIS?!) The product was Reanimation, still one of my favorite albums to listen to all the way through.

I digress.  I thought A Thousand Suns was a great concept album.  Sure it’s different from past work, but again they kept basics and made something quite interesting to listen to.  I have the same high hopes for LIVING THINGS, the album from which “BURN IT DOWN” is from.  I ALSO LOVE HOW I FEEL LIKE THEY ARE YELLING AT ME THE ENTIRE ALBUM TRACK LIST.  I HOPE CHESTER IS QUITE LITERALLY YELLING AT ME THE ENTIRE TIME.  I AM JUST SO EXCITED.  a


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