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Pt. 1


Lorde’s curated Mockingjay, Pt. 1 soundtrack is HERE. The roster includes Stromae featuring Lorde (!?!), CHVRCHES, Tove Lo, Charli XCX, Major Lazer, Tinashe, Bat for Lashes, Grace Jones, XOV, The Chemical Brothers, Lorde, and Raury.  Talk about unique, eh?  I can foresee fans not accepting the diversity of the sound, but look at the diversity between the districts.  At first listen, I am intrigued most by Raury’s “Lost Souls;”  XOV’s “Animal” is a top track; and The Chemical Brothers totally capture the competition of the Games and simultaneous uncertainty of the future (rebellion) with “This Is Not a Game.”  Because really, is the theme of this series about just a game, or something deeper…

Lorde, I commend your choice in lyrical connections to the series, while creating a solid body of work that can be seen independently.  I’m eager to see how the tracks are played in the film.  In theaters this Thursday.


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city of angels

The first comment on this video says it all: “you know, there are music videos and there are 30 Seconds To Mars videos.”

You should watch the whole thing.  You’ll see why I’m a little biased.


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Adorable Kanye?

Truth or oxymoron? That is for you to decide. Kanye recently sat down with Kris Jenner on her new show to talk fame, paparazzi, family, love and his introverted nature–he even gave a sneak peak of NW (North West). I think his rough and tough image was a little tarnished by this interview, but he wasn’t holding back. Take a look. c. 

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66 west

Kanye West premiered his new song, “New Slaves” in 66 cities across the world on Friday night with video projectors.  His announcement was made via twitter and redirected to his website here: http://www.kanyewest.com.

West’s 6th album, due out “June Eighteen” and rumored to be titled “Yeezus,” features collaborations with Daft Punk, John Ledgend, Odd Future, Chief Keef, Skrillex, and 2 Chainz.

I hate to love this guy, but he is just so damn creative.



no Ray J, just no

As if the whole country didn’t know that Kim Kardashian made a regrettable sex tape with Ray J years ago, he wants to make sure the whole WORLD knows that “he hit it first.” He lays out some pretty eloquent lyrics: “She might move on the rappers and ball players but I hit it first.” “Baby chose to go West…but I know I hit it first.” “If you were to come back to me girl we’ll make another movie.”

However, folks Ray J insists this song is not about Kim K. Dude, if you are going to make a song like this I say own your desperation–don’t deny it–it’s not becoming. I think because Ray J knows that he can’t keep with with the heavy hitters like Wayne, Jay-Z, and Kanye, he has to make some ridiculous song to get attention. Undoubtedly, he is getting attention in the form of laughs. So have it at…we could all use a good pity laugh on a Tuesday. c. 

P.S. who is excited for Kanye’s bad-ass response? Maybe I am.

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