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good kind of country

I may never hear the end of this because it’s *country*, but this isn’t really country, anyway.  Country, blues, soul, R&B, pop–who cares–watch and listen to this and every one of you will be smirking like the man at 6:15.  Lord have mercy; I am down with this whole CMA situation if JT is on stage.


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the only history of rap you need to know

Obviously, because it’s performed by these two.  Jimmy Fallon, welcome to the big show.  Now please have JT on every week.  Thanks.


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JT’s (a) TKO

Loverboy put out another short film music video featuring Elvis’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, that I highly suggest you watch.  Yum.


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So JT’s album…I bought it the day it came out, but have been terrified to post about it because I don’t think I can do it justice. So, instead of ignoring it, pondering it, and bailing I’m going to post a couple of my FAVORITE songs from this album.

He has already announced that this album is going to be followed by another one later this year hence the 20/20 title. He has explained that his vision won’t be complete without the second album. Right now we are at the 10/20 experience, but oh what an experience it is.

“Let the Groove in,” let your hips be the judge of this track. Its Latin flare with saxophone undertones forces you to picture yourself in a sexy scene of dirty dancing. This is by far my favorite track on the record.

“Don’t Hold the Wall,” I’m waiting patiently for this song to hit the bar/club scene. Timberland and JT kill it on this track–Indian flare with maracas? What will they think of next?

“Mirrors” reminds me of “Cry Me a River” (and he has gotten some heat because they sound similar) but its still a sick jam.

I’m giving you a small taste of this masterpiece; therefore, I highly suggest you take the time to buy the whole album and listen to each song over and over and over again. c. 

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