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for the randos

Truth be told, in high school, I never could figure out the art of making a good mix like my friends.  Many of them know that mine would feature the current songs I’m into and/or total throwbacks.  As you will hear, nothing has changed.  These songs span a wide range of genres and release dates, but, idgaf, I found some tunes to shred to.  Pay attention, and you’ll find some on my winter mix in.just a.few.months.




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road trippin’

When I road tripped from NJ to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo many moons ago, my best friend’s boyfriend made an epic playlist.  The playlist was long–long enough to get us happily through 15 hours in the car together.  The playlist had rules.  The instant we crossed a state line we had to begin the respective state’s playlist.  Tracks included song titles with the state name, mentions of the state in the song, bands who hailed from the state, etc.  I can’t reveal what we listened to (maybe because I slept through quite a few states and maybe because you already know that we blew the speakers when John Denver came on in WV), but I am confident that our playlist knocks this one below out of the water.

This one is pretty spot on, though, if you’re into the Indie scene.


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