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Diplo’s Instagram account is money.  Really, the guy is on his game.  If you follow, like a and I, you know that he is all about “Revolution” lately.  Too bad the music video isn’t in tune to his IG posts…


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Miley Takes On Coldplay

YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  I saw this on her Instagram when she videos herself killing it around 3:20.  Alright, listen.  I know she gets a lot of heat…and she brings it on herself.  All I’m gonna say is at least the girl can back it with some unreal pipes.  I love her.  I SAID IT.  a

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If you don’t follow Jacob Hemphill, SOJA front man, on Instagram well you are TOTALLY missing out. He has released some lyrics that he is working on from his new album which is a complete tease for all of us SOJA fans, but honestly anything that Jacob does is alright with me. The new album is supposed to be released early next year, but, I mean who is completely and utterly excited for that?  He recently was interviewed on one of DC’s major radio stations. Take a listen. Who knew that he wanted to be a cartoon artist when he grew up? Or who inspired Jacob? What is his favorite show he has ever played? If you are a SOJA fan you will enjoy listening to this interview. c. 



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