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To the man who opened the most historic musical gathering of the 20th century, may you relive Woodstock memories with your buddies Jimi, Ravi, and Janis in heaven, Richie Havens.


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I really can’t get enough of these guys.  They came around my area to play and I wasn’t in town, so angry I missed them.  a


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wild rompit

Eclectic Folk Rock is how the mix of Jersey musicians describe their music.  Sounds like a pretty lofty description, right?  Well, after listening, I’ve determined that they are pretty spot on.  I hear sounds from all genres–a little punk and ska elements that are reminiscent of high school mixtapes, a little folk that is rather ‘popular’ now, and a little bit of rock, grunge, and pop.  The singer’s voice dictates the sound and the mood (shocker, I know). The four talented musicians make up the band, Wild Rompit.  There’s a good chance that you’ll be hearing these guys again.


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Barton Hollow

C posted about this duo not too long ago, so excuse me for following up with another one of their jams.  The Civil Wars are a refreshing new sound and I highly recommend you check them out.  Maybe you heard them perform while watching the Grammy’s.  I’m pretty sure when I’m listening to this song I am in the Wild West somewhere about to have a shoot out in a dusty alleyway with tumbleweeds rolling on by.  Spoiler alert: I obviously win.  a

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Boston Love

A nice little folk type band from the Boston area go by the name of “You Won’t.”  Oh, but I would.  I’m not even sure how I stumbled across these guys–blind, dumb luck I suppose–but I really like them.  Simple, but charming, the songs are a nice change of pace.  Give them a listen and if you’re from my stomping grounds, swing by one of their shows and give them some support.  a



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west or bust

Looking at the Snowball lineup for the 600th time, I still can’t get over the fact that Elephant Revival has such a big name.  It really shouldn’t strike me as that big of a surprise since they are Colorado natives, but their following doesn’t match that of the likes of Rusko and Bassnectar.  I can’t sit on one team, as I am a fan of all of the above.
I came across Elephant Revival  sometime last year, bummed that I had just missed them on what seemed to be a small scale nation-wide tour.  The transcendent folk group pops up all over the country now and then at some pretty respectable venues (so keep an eye out!).    The quintet boasts eclectic yet fitting names like Bonnie Paine, Sage Cook, and Dango Rose and some pretty far out instruments to boot!  For example, you can hear Bonnie Paine’s enchanting vocals accompanied by a washboard, musical saw (how do you play that?!) djembe, banjo, mandolin, and viola.  Collectively, the sound is folksy, calm, easy to listen to.  The band plays anything and everything from traditional folk and original acoustic ballads to reggae, indie rock, and psychedelic rock.  Elephant Revival is Colorado.  -j


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