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shake it out


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oh my saegkujn(@#dliuetjh;eoirj*&Wjoi!!!! sweet baby florence this is brilliant

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you skeaky welch

You can’t get past us!

Florence + The Machine confirmed today that we can (finally) look forward to the release of her newest album since 2011, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.”  With that, here is her new single/video, “What Kind of Man.”  Welcome back, F.W., we’ve missed you.

Be advised: serious artistry ahead.


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two tomatoes

It’s undeniable that “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith is the song of 2014.  Even if you feel like it’s overplayed, hearing these two covers–by two redheads–proves how solid of a hit it truly is and may change the way you feel about it.  Plus, I can’t get off of this Ed Sheeran kick (and Florence will always be a goddess).


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Fav Stones track.  Fav redhead.

A little uncomfortable watching Florence and Mick get their Jagger moves on together, but a good performance nonetheless.


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