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Live from the motherland

I have a special place in my heart for Belfast. Tune into a live recording of  the St. Patty’s day concert on the waterfront here. Listen for Duke Special who I’ve introduced to you all before. c. 

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Holes in our Heart

This is my second post about Passenger’s album “All the Little Lights.” This record “Holes” is divine and the music video is honest and real and I love that. He filmed the video in his hometown of Brighton and what I would give to be a part of that scene–just walking with him and listening to his sultry voice fill the streets.

This video reminds me a lot of Duke Special who I learned about in Belfast, Ireland. He traveled around the town with his piano stopping at different areas of his city to play gaining more followers as the word spread around the town. I need to make another trip across the pond ASAP so I can experience these artists in their element interacting one on one with their fans–we don’t see that so much here in the states.

But I digress…..here is the video for “Holes” by Passenger. Enjoy and pretend you are backpacking around Europe with your best friends. xo. c. 


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traveling duke

Duke Special is an amazing artist. I first encountered him when I went to Ireland for an internship a few years ago. I met this really cool guy and he took me to a park where Duke was playing on a small piano on wheels. He started playing just with his piano and people started to gather as the word spread around his hometown of Belfast, Ireland. He then got up and took his piano to his next stop in the middle of a street, he moved four or five times playing a different song at each spot and gaining followers as he moved. He interacted with fans as he moved from spot to spot and we followed him all the way until he ended up at a local music hall where he completed his set on a larger grande piano. I’ll never forget his voice and his originality. Take a listen to this guy–“Freewheel” by Duke Special. c. 

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