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tom’s paper for centuries

Evolution of music:





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Top 20 of 2013

Music blog, All Things Go created a list of the top 20 songs from 2013 as chosen by the writers.  Check it out here.  I love it, very well done.  Enjoy. a

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live for the weeknd

I live for the weeknd.  “Live For” feat. Drake, straight off of the brandie new album Kiss Land, is the reason why.  Buy this one; it’s a goodie.

-xo, j

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Out of all his sexy songs, this one has me swooning and melting and dancing and whatnot.  Who did he talk to about this sexy beat?  LET A GIRL KNOW.  a


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the zone

Artistically, I think The Weeknd could have done so much more with this video.  There are hints of his style and the vision he was aiming to achieve, but the choppy cinematography prevented that from happening.  You’d get a better idea of the concept if you went to one of his shows…


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