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Ryan Gosling, everyone.

I actually could leave you with this photo, and this photo alone, because it just speaks to you…am I right?

But I won’t.  I’ll make you drool even more because Ryan Gosling sings.  Ryan Gosling sings words that were dipped in gold by the hands of angels.  Afterall, he was in The Mickey Mouse Club with that guy Justin Timberlake.

Proof (at 1:45):

And remember when he serenaded us Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine?

Well, ladies and gentleladies, that was the real Ryan Gosling.

And his band, Dead Man’s Bones, is real.  It’s real enough to sound like a mixture of The Doors, Arcade Fire, and something I can’t put my figure on quite yet.  Oh, I know, it’s the sound of those words being dipped in gold by the hands of angels.

Proof (at the whole beautiful thing):

And as if you needed something a little more Ryan Gosling, this pretty much sums up how a, c, and I (and any other human being for that matter) feel about God Ryan Golsing.


(other actors who are BAMFmusicians)

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