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Now that festival season is in full swing, I am having just as much of a hard time writing about shows as I am daydreaming about going to more.  I think this is a side effect from being #snowballed.

March 8-10 2013 marked the insane weekend of music, free spirits, and snow at SnowBall in Winter Park, CO.  If you haven’t been to a four-day festival and camped, skip the blacktop day-hops in major cities and “rough-it” in a field like at Bonnaroo.  If you have only been to a festival in sweltering summer heat, bundle up and head to “Mountain Time” for SnowBall.  There are different crowds, different sights, different experiences, but the same good music that you just have to hear.

Winter Park, a small mountain town home to Winter Park and Mary Jane mountains, was incredibly accommodating, as thousands of us painted the town in glow-sticks for three solid days.  SnowBall, aside from website issues, did a great job working with the town to score us discounted mountain passes, shuttle services, lodging information and other sweet deals.  Inside the venue, which was an open ice/snow-covered field in the middle of town, the staff was friendly and down to dance with the rest of us.  Speaking of…the key to surviving SnowBall is to dance.  Bundle up like snow bunnies, your parents from the ’80’s, or like Scully from Monsters, Inc., grab a Sierra Nevada and a friend, and d a n c e !

Every act I caught was awesome, but a few favorites were Robert Randolph who jammed to Jimi’s “Purple Haze” in the sunshine; Portugal. the Man who covered Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger;” Big Gigantic, Kendrik Lamar, Grizmatik, Flying Lotus, STS9, and Pretty Lights blew my head off.  Did I mention the lights, fireworks, balloons, snowboarders, turkey legs, beers, and dancing?  Yeah…

I feel like it’s a cop-out to leave you with some videos, but my words still don’t do the festival justice.  Put SnowBall on your bucket list because it was a TIME crossing it off mine.


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blairstown revival

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Listen to the whole show here.

I’ve always admired this guy I know who thinks nothing of eating dinner alone at a restaurant.  The more I think of the idea of it, the more I wonder why I ever thought it was such a big deal.  Think about how many things you do solo.  A lot, right?  So why not go eat dinner by yourself if you go shopping by yourself?  Why not eat dinner by yourself if you go to a museum by yourself?  Why not do the things you want to do even if you have to do them by yourself?  That’s why I went to a concert all…by…myself.

MoBoogie featured a video of Elephant Revival quite some time ago.  Since then, I have been hooked on this eclectic Coloradan folk music.  Remember this post?  Bonnie Paine (the most fitting moniker) the lead vocalist, easily seduces you with her modest charm and entrancing washboard (and musical saw) rhythms.  Her voice has tones of Jewel, Alison Krauss, and Grace Slick that together, traps you in a vivid lullaby.  Bridget Law brings the room to life with her quick fingers on the fiddle.  Oh, she sings, too.  In fact, every single band member plays multiple instruments–incredibly well–and sings in their own, sort of romantic way.  Singularly they are good, but together, especially during an instrumental, they are great.

On February 27, Elephant Revival played nearly a three hour set to a cozy Historical Blairstown Theater in Blairstown, NJ.  It was a treat to have John Skehan of Railroad Earth, join for a few songs!  This is a humble band that has so much natural talent that you must go to a live performance to get a handle on how good they truly are.  Between the old theater’s allure, the eccentric and welcoming crowd, and the music, the night was a very special experience.  So, hey, go do something by yourself.


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west or bust

Looking at the Snowball lineup for the 600th time, I still can’t get over the fact that Elephant Revival has such a big name.  It really shouldn’t strike me as that big of a surprise since they are Colorado natives, but their following doesn’t match that of the likes of Rusko and Bassnectar.  I can’t sit on one team, as I am a fan of all of the above.
I came across Elephant Revival  sometime last year, bummed that I had just missed them on what seemed to be a small scale nation-wide tour.  The transcendent folk group pops up all over the country now and then at some pretty respectable venues (so keep an eye out!).    The quintet boasts eclectic yet fitting names like Bonnie Paine, Sage Cook, and Dango Rose and some pretty far out instruments to boot!  For example, you can hear Bonnie Paine’s enchanting vocals accompanied by a washboard, musical saw (how do you play that?!) djembe, banjo, mandolin, and viola.  Collectively, the sound is folksy, calm, easy to listen to.  The band plays anything and everything from traditional folk and original acoustic ballads to reggae, indie rock, and psychedelic rock.  Elephant Revival is Colorado.  -j


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pour me some juice

You can’t have a party without some gin and juuuuuuuice, so that’s obviously why Snoop sealed the deal at Snowball.  The lineup is officially complete for the winter festival in Vail Valley, CO that is a mere 40 days away.  Not gonna lie, I was in the process of scheming my way there this year.  I mean there will be snow, skiing, music, dancing, dancing, dancing, and other fun things if ya know what I mean.  Sheesh, just look at the line up!  It’s perfect.  Except it’s no short trip for a Jersey girl.  Maybe next year.  Dance on snowballs. -j

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