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Sassy Sasha

I apologize jammers, I have fallen short with my Voice commentary this season. However, I am about to make up for it. Sasha Allen has been classified as the girl with pipes–from Aretha Franklin to Adele she can belt it all. Shakira, her all-too-adorable-and-really-spicy coach, decided that Sasha needed to show her fierce side–Usher even called her “Sasha Fierce,” that is quite a name to live up to. She performed “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, her goal was to turn this country jam a little New York with some attitude and some pretty awesome notes. The voice elimination is tonight when one person out of six will get kicked off but lets hope its not Sasha Fierce. c. 

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Sweet Country Summertime

As the summer approaches and I become more antsy to finish my first year of law school, I will start to post country songs more frequently (sorry j). Because I want to think about the beach, suntans, and cocktails (as cliche as this sounds).

First, I am going to start with “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan. I have had this song downloaded since the release of Luke Bryan’s “new” CD “Tailgates and Tanlines.” I can honestly say I liked every song on his CD, which is not normal for a country album (unless you are talking about T-Swift of course). My sisters have a wild obsession with Luke Bryan so I felt it only appropriate to reference them in this post. Here is “Drunk on Love,” get prepared for a tailgate and tanlines kind of summer people.

Next up, Carrie Underwood. She released this song “Good Girl” about a month ago and I just got around to checking it out (not okay). It is a good song, I feel like she rarely has a bad one. Don’t doubt for a second that I won’t be blasting this one on the way to school tomorrow (who doesn’t like a good girl/bad boy song every once and a while).

And the last one (for now) some good ‘ole Honky Tonk. Constantly on my “Recently Played” playlist on iTunes. Sorry I’m not sorry. c.

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