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Blink 182 has a new album (“California”) and has a new tour this Summer with A Day to Remember, All American Rejects and All Time Low.  Blink is back but not with Tom DeLonge, who defends his absence saying, “I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with.”  (Read more here.)  Pop-punk kids everywhere must be questioning how Blink can be Blink without Mark, Tom, and Travis.

…You can’t.

…But at least you have qualified “replacement” who knows a thing or two about sharing the stage with only two other band mates.  Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio is the band’s guitarist.


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grammy lids

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Pharrell’s Arby’s-Smokey the Bear-Little Prince-wizard hat that he sported at the Grammy’s this year has created more buzz than the awards he took home that night.  Maybe the cap was an alternative to a suitcase and is where he stored his golden Gramophones.

Although Madonna’s couple of cowgirl get-ups that night didn’t get as lucky as Pharrell’s headpiece, the superstars probably shopped together at a little studio in Venice, CA.  Nick Fouquet is the artist who deserves an award for Pharrell’s and Madonna’s appearance and respective buzz-worthy Grammy news.  Fouquet is one part hat maker and two parts magician.  Check out the video on his website…I’m already under his spell…if you know what I mean.


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shoulda woulda coulda art

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I am legitimately angry with myself over the fact that I never thought to make anything like this.  Shit, man.  Props to California artist Dave Muller for being the man.


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el mac

Ok, this is probably overload now, buuttttt, my excitement for No Doubt’s new album Push and Shove just escalated as I found out that El Mac designed the album artwork.  It might be a tie over who is a bigger fan of his work: me or Gwen Stefani.  Anyway, I’m happy they made a connection because the result is so L.A. and is so awesome.  (As if it would be any different.)


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be releasing 18 previously unreleased sides form the I’m With You sessions over the next few months.  Each of the songs will be available worldwide both digitally and on 7 inch vinyl.

Better get that vinyl because each of the nine seven-inches will feature cover artwork by Kelsey Brookes, and when combined together, form one larger piece of artwork.  A project that synthesizes the work of RHCP and Kelsey Brooks is the epitome of everything California.   So so so worth getting your hands on this album.


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It’s officially the #SUMMERofRAD.  The bros of Radical Something recently celebrated their one year anniversary by releasing, a somewhat premature greatest hits album, “Take a Hit.”  The 15 Cali tracks include 3 unreleased demos, 2 singles, and 10 songs from their first 2 albums.  It must be true love.  These three ‘strangers’ have been going strong the past 365 days–touring, boarding, and recording, recording, recording.  It’s pretty impressive.  Or pretty rad.  On top of all this, they have introduced what they have called the “summer of rad.”  Since June 11th, Loggy, Big Red, and Josh Cocktail have released a brand new free song every Monday.  I’ll take a lemonade Cocktail please…


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Damn, Cali, why you gotta be so cool?  This one is filed under “TO DO.”

Check out the line up for Sierra Nevada World Music Festival:


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