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“You make me proud to spell my name w-o-m-a-n”–Maya Angelou. Oprah used this quote to describe Beyonce in her one-on-one interview before the premier of Beyonce’s documentary “Life is but a Dream” on HBO. Beyonce uses her computer as a diary–she used three years of videos to construct this beautiful documentary. When she is lonely, confused, lost she speaks to her computer. We saw her reaction to her miscarriage, the first time she felt Blue Ivy kick, her love for Jay-Z, her shows, preparation, and a lot about her relationship with her family–she showed us, the viewers, just about everything. The film was raw but in an empowering way. When she was speaking with Oprah she said that she made the video for women–she really shows herself as a powerful woman who has flaws and missteps.

I think some documentaries about stars can be self-loathing or self-promoting. This was the opposite. She let her fans into her life in a humble and honest way in order to heal herself and help her fans. If you have HBO take the time to watch–I promise that you will not be disappointed. c. 


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Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce + Jay Z = Blue Ivy Carter. If you have not been under a rock today then you know that B and J finally released photos of their daughter. Jay Z also made an emotional freestyle dedicated to his daughter called “Glory” which describes their difficulties getting pregnant and the miscarriage B endured: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, We was afraid you disappeared but nah baby, you magic.” It’s a moving song and if you are a Jay Z or Beyonce fan (or even if you’re not) you should take a listen. I even included a picture of the baby. awwwww. c. 

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