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love and roots

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So way back on June 29th, I caught the last show of the “Love and Roots” tour at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. ¬†Micah Brown started things off right with his California soul-folk sound. ¬†This month, he (and I) are anticipating the release of his album, “The Isle of Her.” ¬†His bandcamp page features some songs from the album, along with a free download! ¬†I have to say, he deserved a lot more credit than what he got as an opener. ¬†His name definitely should have been on the bill.
Next came Anuhea, who says that she “thrives off the energy of an audience.” ¬†I really enjoyed her spunkiness to get everyone into having a good time. ¬†She balanced this energy with a calm aura, though, especially when she played “Mr. Mellow” (her rendition of “Mellow Man?”) ¬†Maybe it’s because she reminds me a little bit of my friend Chelsea Smith, but this girl can hold her own around all these big male talents from the island. ¬†On a side note, her brother hits the road with her; not on stage, but as the Merch Manager. ¬†He started a pretty cool gig called¬†50th State of Mind. ¬†It’s a Hawai’i based clothing company representing the art, culture, music, and lifestyle of Hawai’i. ¬†The threads are pretty sweet–check ’em out!
Mishka finished off the show. ¬†Although I have seen him live before, it was like my first time because he played with his band. ¬†His solo acoustic set was intimate and incredibly mellow. ¬†It was an opportunity to see Mishka’s personality shine through true talent. ¬†With the band, he was alive. ¬†His vocals and dancing were full of energy.
For one night, I was on a tropical island, and my ears led the way.


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sister act

That rain from the South has reached Jersey today, where there is still no snow to be seen. ¬†It’s one of those days when all you want to to is wrap yourself in a blanket and, well, not do much of anything. ¬†It’s that kind of feeling you get on a Sunday wrapped up on the couch with family and loves. ¬†For me, that feeling usually includes a yearning to beam myself to sunshine. ¬†Having never been to Hawaii, my mind escapes there through it’s island music; today I’m escaping through Anuhea’s new jam “Sunday” featuring JP from The Green.
This girl is perhaps the #1 female reggae artist on the charts now. ¬†With roots still in Hawaii, Rylee Anuheake’alaokalokelani Jenkins represents soul, pop, r&b, reggae, and acoustic all in one fragile island sound. ¬†Quoted from the songbird herself, her “word choices are a clever balance of emotions where each song tells a unique story, each story a lesson learned” (facebook.com/Anuheajams?sk=info). ¬†That little island off the coast has a lot of talent and I think this just a little taste of what this gifted chick has to share with us on a rainy day.
Aloha, -j



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