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reunion worthy

So all three pbandjammers here are going to be reunited in approximately 32 days in the lou (not like i’m counting or anything). In preparation for this reunion of epic proportions I figured it would be appropriate to post some songs that defined our college years. WARNING: Some are more appropriate than others; there are meanings behind each; we probably broke it down and fell down while dancing to them; we may have laughed, cried, snorted, hyperventilated, etc. to any and all of them; good nights–bad nights; most importantly–listening to them now brings me back to some of the best times with two of my best friends.

Now to the real good stuff…enjoy!

p.s. that was only a sampling–there may be more to come in the next 32 days.


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I have mixed emotions of this years VMAs. I have watched this MTV special since I can remember and with each passing year it seems like the music and performances get raunchier and more provocative which makes me hope that the audience is getting older. I am a Ri Ri fan but do not necessarily support that upon turning on the VMAs we hear “Suck my cockiness..like my persuasion.”  Although the song is admittedly catchy there are many more songs that she could have killed on stage. Lil Wayne and 2Chains executed a “performance” which I thought was more like yelling and jumping—I fast forwarded through their nonsense–and therefore I have no more description.

My favorite performance of the night was by far Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj’s new song “Girl on Fire.” They both killed it per usual but what made this performance exceptionally unique was Gabby Douglas (all-around gold medalist in woman’s gymnastics) flipping around on stage. This song sends a positive message and the fact that they included this role model for so many young girls on stage with them was pretty amazing. c.


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