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Global Concepts

Really into this jam right now and other jams like it.  Alex Clare does something similar: matching good to great vocals with excellent beats that grow and develop throughout the song.

I think what I love about this is the unexpected intensity.  The man starts throwing the f bomb around and I never saw it coming.  I love it. a

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slow down

Major props to my sister for forcing me to listen to this guy.  Alex Clare is responsible for the ever so popular dubstep-ish song featured on the newest Microsoft Internet Explorer commercial.  He started out playing the guitar and drums, but when he was hooked up with Diplo & Switch, a new kind of music was made.  He likes to describe his sound as being “in touch with his beloved soul and jazz as well as opening itself up to funk and jungle and punk rock and dubstep.”  It definitely has a lot of dancehall flavor but Clare can still break it down:



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