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#tbt no diggity

The remixed version is one of my favorites Chet Faker’s version is one of my favorites, but today I’m throwing it back to the live acoustic version.  Clearly, I’m caught up on Ed at the moment…


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True Talent

Let me just take a minute to brag: I got some talented friends.  For years I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by straight up geniuses.  Sometimes I think that I’m surrounded by these people because I have such a strong appreciation for their art and I cannot get enough of it.  One of these friends I hold extremely close to my heart.  Please meet: Akosua Ayim.Not only is she one of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve met,  she’s brilliant and she sees her world in art, music, poetry and motion.  Her original acoustic embodies all these wonderful things and more: versatility, beauty and emotion.  So proud of you Ko, and even more proud to call you my friend.  I can’t wait for more to come from you!  a

Please listen to “Crush” here by Akosua. 


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Ed Murders it

Every day, I’m a bigger and bigger fan of Ed Sheeran.  The best part of this track is at 3.19 and on… BUT please, please give this a listen all the way through, he absolutely MURDERS it.  a

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stripped wild

Juliet Simms, former leading lady of Automatic Loveletter and runner-up on season two of the voice, released her first single “Wild Child.” By some she was criticized for veering away from her rock and roll raspy roots. Maybe in part to silence these voices she released an acoustic version of Wild Child–check it out here. c. 

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