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shoulda woulda coulda art

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I am legitimately angry with myself over the fact that I never thought to make anything like this.  Shit, man.  Props to California artist Dave Muller for being the man.


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jay z vs art


Two nights ago, Jay-Z participated in his own performance art “mashup” at Pace Gallery. Jay rapped “Picasso Baby“, a track off his recently released album, as a rotating cast of hand picked art “superstars” danced or stood in his presence. The hours long “performance”, or Kanye-West-esque music video filming featured the likes of Marina Abromavic and RoseLee Goldberg.

Jay, you’re some Renaissance Man entrepreneur, but be careful in certain waters; the art world is one in which to tread lightly…even across the Hudson.




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“You make me proud to spell my name w-o-m-a-n”–Maya Angelou. Oprah used this quote to describe Beyonce in her one-on-one interview before the premier of Beyonce’s documentary “Life is but a Dream” on HBO. Beyonce uses her computer as a diary–she used three years of videos to construct this beautiful documentary. When she is lonely, confused, lost she speaks to her computer. We saw her reaction to her miscarriage, the first time she felt Blue Ivy kick, her love for Jay-Z, her shows, preparation, and a lot about her relationship with her family–she showed us, the viewers, just about everything. The film was raw but in an empowering way. When she was speaking with Oprah she said that she made the video for women–she really shows herself as a powerful woman who has flaws and missteps.

I think some documentaries about stars can be self-loathing or self-promoting. This was the opposite. She let her fans into her life in a humble and honest way in order to heal herself and help her fans. If you have HBO take the time to watch–I promise that you will not be disappointed. c. 


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el mac

Ok, this is probably overload now, buuttttt, my excitement for No Doubt’s new album Push and Shove just escalated as I found out that El Mac designed the album artwork.  It might be a tie over who is a bigger fan of his work: me or Gwen Stefani.  Anyway, I’m happy they made a connection because the result is so L.A. and is so awesome.  (As if it would be any different.)


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sound advice

The World’s Best Ever has a pretty bomb section of their website dedicated to playlists of artists.  Sure, it’s kind of like Spotify, but Sound Advice showcases artsy artists’ music that they listen to when writing columns, editing, painting, creating.  Check it out, you might find some newbies!


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be releasing 18 previously unreleased sides form the I’m With You sessions over the next few months.  Each of the songs will be available worldwide both digitally and on 7 inch vinyl.

Better get that vinyl because each of the nine seven-inches will feature cover artwork by Kelsey Brookes, and when combined together, form one larger piece of artwork.  A project that synthesizes the work of RHCP and Kelsey Brooks is the epitome of everything California.   So so so worth getting your hands on this album.


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make art

I listen to songs as I work, but usually just as a background sound.  When I really listen to music and concentrate on the sound and lyrics, I find myself working to what I hear.  Nothing great ever comes of the result, but I’m always entertained when I look through my sketchbooks to find the pictures I made when I was listening to a certain song.  It’s a fusion between a stream-of-consciousness drawing and a picture book.  Somehow, I always figure out what song was the inspiration.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this guy does the same.  Pretty neat.


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Festival director, Scott Stedman and his daughter introducing Beirut in 2011

No, not Weeeeest-side.  It’s the Northside Festival in Brooklyn!  This festival has been compared to SXSW, but like anything in NYC, it’s incomparable.  It’s a discovery festival about finding ‘what’s next.’  The festival chock full of artsy things; just check out the schedule of events:

MUSIC: June 14-17
ART: June 15-17
FILM: 18-21

Visit the Northside website for everything I can’t fit in this post.  Getting lost in the website is like getting lost in Brooklyn–you’ll always find that gem.  Expect the unexpected.


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