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True Story

Blake Shelton has just released his album “Based On a True Story.” I rarely buy full country music albums because sometimes I feel like the songs repeat themselves and frankly that it isn’t worth it. Blake really put together a bad ass album and I had no problem clicking “buy” on iTunes. This is the perfect summertime CD where you don’t even have to skip a track–yes please! His real and relatable lyrics pull you in and tell you a story–one that might seem all to familiar. Even if you are not a fan of country music (cough j) give album a chance–even if it is just for the lyrics. I’ve posted some of my favorites so far off the record. Take a listen and watch Blake on the Voice because he is hysterical (more posts about this season of the voice to come :)). c. 

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Rock Me

We’ve all done it. We’ve all drunkenly held our friends, swayed with a beer in our hand, and screamed the lyrics to Old Crow Medicine’s “Wagon Wheel.” There will be no song that reminds me more of my senior year of college than this classic. So, when I heard Darius Rucker was covering it I was skeptical and excited at the same time. Nothing can replace the original but Hootie can do no wrong. c. 

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taylor sees RED.

Taylor Swift is coming out with her new album tomorrow entitled “RED.” I think her recent rendezvous with her very own Mr. Kennedy has inspired her in a non-Country sort of way. Maybe weekends at the Hamptons have made her realize that she is a very versatile artist. Taylor has released singles off this album so I am sure her most dedicated fans are very antsy to here the whole album to see if she stayed true to her country roots at all. To be honest—I like her new vibe. I think she started to lean towards this new Taylor with songs on her last album like “Better Than Revenge.” I think it takes guts and confidence to reach across genre lines and for that I give her props. Take a listen see what you think about this Taylor Swift. c. 

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this is the voice!

Okay so last season got me hooked–completely hooked–and in love with adam levine. Cee-lo still has little hands, Christina still flaunts her tater tots, Blake is hillbilly hilarious, and Adam is perfect, so why wouldn’t you watch? I experienced so many emotions while watching the three day blind auditions this week and don’t worry I will keep EVERYONE updated on my thoughts of this season–i think it is going to be pretty incredible.

Trevin Hunte–an 18 yr old from Jamaica, NY–an absolutely amazing vocalist with an even better story. So “Listen.” (and this is probably the only thing I don’t agree with adam about–he should have pushed his button!)

Gracia Harrison–a country sweetheart–she yodels!



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oh tay

I think Tay Tay is confused. I think she made this music video so we can read the lyrics to try to make sense of her breakups? We are never getting back together! But wait, “never say never?” Come on Tay, make up your mind. Maybe her 18 year old boyfriend Mr. Kennedy helped her with these song lyrics. First off, what a long name for a song–thats like 6 words…

But then I looked up the longest song name and found this: “The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus, The Lumberjack Of Bulk Rock City, And His Never Slacking Stribe In Exploiting The So Far Undiscovered Areas Of The Intention To Bodily Intercourse From The Opposite Species Of His Kind, During Intake Of All The Mental Condition That Could Be Derived From Fermentation,” by Rednex.

bottom line. tay is trying a little to hard but there is still a chance the song will grow on me–i’ve always been a t-swift fan at heart.

p.s. ironic these are both “country” songs…I guess they have nothing better to do then think up long names for songs right j?


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come over

Some songs for some reason just evoke emotion–“come over” by Kenny Chesney does that for me. I don’t relate to the lyrics in a profound way but for some reason it makes me melt. Sometimes its the most unexpected tunes. Thanks Kenny. c. 

p.s. the video is kinda sexy

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country jammin

Contrary to j‘s beliefs a summer is not complete without a country concert. Cold beer, sundresses, hot weather, and a little country jammin makes a summer just that. Zac Brown Band is more than just another country music band. They combine country, reggae, and rock together for a perfect summertime combination. I saw them at the Verizon Ampitheatre here in St. Louis and although the venue isn’t my favorite Zac Brown did not disappoint. They extended the majority of their songs with jam out sessions and guitar solos. Its not often I say this but they were better in concert than they are on recordings. Make it a point to see these guys in concert–they know how to put on an awesome show. c.

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Sweet Country Summertime

As the summer approaches and I become more antsy to finish my first year of law school, I will start to post country songs more frequently (sorry j). Because I want to think about the beach, suntans, and cocktails (as cliche as this sounds).

First, I am going to start with “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan. I have had this song downloaded since the release of Luke Bryan’s “new” CD “Tailgates and Tanlines.” I can honestly say I liked every song on his CD, which is not normal for a country album (unless you are talking about T-Swift of course). My sisters have a wild obsession with Luke Bryan so I felt it only appropriate to reference them in this post. Here is “Drunk on Love,” get prepared for a tailgate and tanlines kind of summer people.

Next up, Carrie Underwood. She released this song “Good Girl” about a month ago and I just got around to checking it out (not okay). It is a good song, I feel like she rarely has a bad one. Don’t doubt for a second that I won’t be blasting this one on the way to school tomorrow (who doesn’t like a good girl/bad boy song every once and a while).

And the last one (for now) some good ‘ole Honky Tonk. Constantly on my “Recently Played” playlist on iTunes. Sorry I’m not sorry. c.

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