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the only history of rap you need to know

Obviously, because it’s performed by these two.  Jimmy Fallon, welcome to the big show.  Now please have JT on every week.  Thanks.


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west coast

Wwwwhhhyyyyyyyyyy. Why. Why. Why.  They kill me.

The version of “West Coast” on David Letterman is way cooler, especially since it’s in B/W, but this works too.  Who am I kidding, I’ll watch anything they do.


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jay z vs art


Two nights ago, Jay-Z participated in his own performance art “mashup” at Pace Gallery. Jay rapped “Picasso Baby“, a track off his recently released album, as a rotating cast of hand picked art “superstars” danced or stood in his presence. The hours long “performance”, or Kanye-West-esque music video filming featured the likes of Marina Abromavic and RoseLee Goldberg.

Jay, you’re some Renaissance Man entrepreneur, but be careful in certain waters; the art world is one in which to tread lightly…even across the Hudson.




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66 west

Kanye West premiered his new song, “New Slaves” in 66 cities across the world on Friday night with video projectors.  His announcement was made via twitter and redirected to his website here:

West’s 6th album, due out “June Eighteen” and rumored to be titled “Yeezus,” features collaborations with Daft Punk, John Ledgend, Odd Future, Chief Keef, Skrillex, and 2 Chainz.

I hate to love this guy, but he is just so damn creative.




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Now that festival season is in full swing, I am having just as much of a hard time writing about shows as I am daydreaming about going to more.  I think this is a side effect from being #snowballed.

March 8-10 2013 marked the insane weekend of music, free spirits, and snow at SnowBall in Winter Park, CO.  If you haven’t been to a four-day festival and camped, skip the blacktop day-hops in major cities and “rough-it” in a field like at Bonnaroo.  If you have only been to a festival in sweltering summer heat, bundle up and head to “Mountain Time” for SnowBall.  There are different crowds, different sights, different experiences, but the same good music that you just have to hear.

Winter Park, a small mountain town home to Winter Park and Mary Jane mountains, was incredibly accommodating, as thousands of us painted the town in glow-sticks for three solid days.  SnowBall, aside from website issues, did a great job working with the town to score us discounted mountain passes, shuttle services, lodging information and other sweet deals.  Inside the venue, which was an open ice/snow-covered field in the middle of town, the staff was friendly and down to dance with the rest of us.  Speaking of…the key to surviving SnowBall is to dance.  Bundle up like snow bunnies, your parents from the ’80’s, or like Scully from Monsters, Inc., grab a Sierra Nevada and a friend, and d a n c e !

Every act I caught was awesome, but a few favorites were Robert Randolph who jammed to Jimi’s “Purple Haze” in the sunshine; Portugal. the Man who covered Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger;” Big Gigantic, Kendrik Lamar, Grizmatik, Flying Lotus, STS9, and Pretty Lights blew my head off.  Did I mention the lights, fireworks, balloons, snowboarders, turkey legs, beers, and dancing?  Yeah…

I feel like it’s a cop-out to leave you with some videos, but my words still don’t do the festival justice.  Put SnowBall on your bucket list because it was a TIME crossing it off mine.


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no Ray J, just no

As if the whole country didn’t know that Kim Kardashian made a regrettable sex tape with Ray J years ago, he wants to make sure the whole WORLD knows that “he hit it first.” He lays out some pretty eloquent lyrics: “She might move on the rappers and ball players but I hit it first.” “Baby chose to go West…but I know I hit it first.” “If you were to come back to me girl we’ll make another movie.”

However, folks Ray J insists this song is not about Kim K. Dude, if you are going to make a song like this I say own your desperation–don’t deny it–it’s not becoming. I think because Ray J knows that he can’t keep with with the heavy hitters like Wayne, Jay-Z, and Kanye, he has to make some ridiculous song to get attention. Undoubtedly, he is getting attention in the form of laughs. So have it at…we could all use a good pity laugh on a Tuesday. c. 

P.S. who is excited for Kanye’s bad-ass response? Maybe I am.

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