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west coast

Wwwwhhhyyyyyyyyyy. Why. Why. Why.  They kill me.

The version of “West Coast” on David Letterman is way cooler, especially since it’s in B/W, but this works too.  Who am I kidding, I’ll watch anything they do.


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The Story So Far is a little “pop punk” band from Cali my little sister and all of her little “pop punk” friends adore.  She tells me that this cover of Pinback’s “Loro” is off their split EP with Stick to Your Guns.  Even though I know I’m too old to listen to anything from this whole “pop punk” scene (whatever that means) this song is too damn good to my ears right now.


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Here’s Fall Out Boy’s video for “Phoenix,” thought to be the prequel to “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).”  Rumor has it that in addition to a slew of  artists featured on their album, Save Rock and Roll (released May 7), every song will be released with a video that tells a (different part to a very long) story.  Once every song/video is released, they will be compiled into a mini feature-film of sorts.  It will probably be the longest movie title of all time; creative nonetheless.


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my chemical bromance

Looks like the rumors are true; MCR is calling it quits.

Thanks for the sing-a-longs in high school and still scaring my younger brother with this video:



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